DIY. Painting Christmas tree baubles.

Whilst walking at the Christmas fair in Middelburg I decided I wanted the Christmas tree to be decorated in white this year. It had to be white, however not purely white. More cream like the colour of the walls in our house.

Although these cream coloured baubles can be bought for a little price, I thought, why not try to paint the silver balls I already had?

On a boring day I fetched my old baubles from the attic. I always have a can of cream wall paint in storage, so that came in handy. I also found me a paintbrush in the kitchen cabinet, I was all set for the experiment!

I used the wall paint undiluted and painted the baubles very thinly with it. It gave the baubles a mat and "brushed " effect. In case you prefer a smoother effect, just make the paint a little thinner.

Once painted, hang the baubles to dry. For this purpose I used a few sprigs of the Velvet Tree. These sprigs have been blown down by the severe storm we suffered last week.

Once dried, I decorated the Christmas tree with the newly painted baubles. In order to have some contrast, I added little shiny balls in the same colour.

Painting Christmas tree baubles is a piece of cake. And if by any chance we would have a white Christmas, the hole picture will be complete!

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The result.

I used the wall paint undiluted

Hang the baubles to dry.

The Christmas tree

Close up, the painted bauble.

A "brushed" effect.