DIY a ladder in the orchard.

Last week I drove to the waste disposed with my latest boxwood shrubs. Suddenly I saw a nice homemade staircase for sale at the road site . I stopped right away. 

The staircase was handmade from fresh willow. The whole was simply timbered together with some nails. A perfect decoration in the orchard under my Apple tree. I wanted to buy one.

I rang the bell. A boy about 10 years old turned out to be the one who had made this staircase. He was beaming that I bought his staircase. So we were both were happy!

DIY tip, a similar staircase is easily made.

Saw two uprights about 1.50 cm tall . Then saw the four cross slats, 50 cm, 45 cm, 40 cm and 35 cm. The bottom cross-bar is 50 cm, the top one is 35 cm. The stairs are slightly oblique. Fixe the crosspieces to the uprights with some large nails.

In view of the approaching month of December, you have a great Christmas gift!

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ladder detail

ladder in the orchard