The plum harvest.

Plum 'Reine Victoria' is the best there is, at least to my opinion. That is why we have planted a tree in our back yard many years ago.

This year, the plum tree looked promising. Despite the 'thinning' of the plums the tree was bearing a fast amount of plums.

It is clear that so many plums are too much for the two of us alone. In order not to get diarrhea, it seemed a good idea to sell the plums at the roadside.

Sales went fine from day one. From early morning to late evening people stopped at my 'shop'. In case the plums were sold out, I climbed back into the tree to pick new ones. Of course I only picked the plums that let loose from the tree easily. These are the ripe ones and the very best. No wonder I had a lot of satisfied customers.

Now a week has gone and all plums have been picked and sold. Although you won’t get rich by doing this, the old plum tree deserves a pat on the back.

There were at least 25 kilos on the tree!

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Plums in the colander.

Plums in the tree

I found this caterpiller of a moth, it looks like a twig. What a camouflage technique!

Plum tree is empty again.