Buxus disease, spraying or excavating?

A few weeks ago , during trimming the boxhedges , I saw a black discoloration of the leaves. That looked suspicious. The next day I went to Jos who knows a lot about diseases in plants (www.verstratenwalhout.nl) He acknowledged what I already suspected, the box was affected by the fungal disease box blight .

In many places in England, Germany and the Netherlands the boxhedges are affected by - Cylindrocladium – box blight. I had to do something immediately, otherwise my box garden will most certainly die. And that will happen very rapidly. Next year the whole garden could be affected. The boxes will turn black and the leaves will fall off.

How about spraying a fungicide? Jos could not guarantee that this could save my box garden. Perhaps I could slow down the process. Another option : excavating the hedges. Excavating my 25 year old boxwood garden??? I took a bottle of fungicide with me immediately!

Days of doubt followed . Spraying or excavating? Excavating or spraying? Until the day my husband and I had a memorable conversation on the garden bench. My husband said: " Look , you're still in denial . These box shrubs will never recover! "

He was right . I had to say farewell to my box garden .

It is now two weeks later and I dug up around 1000 box shrubs . The garden suddenly seems very spacious. And a whole creative flow of thoughts has emerged in my mind .....

I must admit, it was rather shocking. But after you get over it, creating a new garden is actually pretty fun!

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The boxgarden in June 

I start digging out

One row dug out

Second row dug up

Last row dug up

After all the hard work, an empty garden!