Autumn on the table.

It's been weeks of gorgeous autumn weather. And how much is there to enjoy. I replanted a flower basket with autumn flowering plants.  

A girlfriend of mine, who happened to come by, asked me if she could imitate it. Of course! I have ideas aplenty. When walking in a garden center in my imagination I could fill 20 baskets with different plant combinations.

Maybe you blog readers, like it too. I'll show you how it is made.

Take a nice basket and fill it with potting soil. In the garden center I bought three heather, three ornamental cabbages and six pansies, all in the color white. In deposit I had some sedum cuttings too. Plant everything in a nicely arranged way in the basket.

From my kitchen window I can see this flower basket on the white table outside. It's cute! And provided it does not freeze too hard in December, for Christmas I might even plant a Christmas tree in the middle.

If so the autumn scene becomes a winter wonderland!

Pansie and heather close up

In the basket

Cabbage, pansie and heather

basket in Autumn sun