The holiday return. Tips to get the garden back on track.

"You probably never go on holiday during the summer?" I hear visitors often asking. On the contrary!

It's good to leave the garden every now and again. I love to visit other countries, to find plants and flowers I did not know of before. By doing so, some things become instantaneously obvious. If you see the murderously hot olive orchards in Italy, you understand why your olive tree at home is struggling. Even in the mild climate of Zeeland!

However, eventually you will have to return home. On the way back I was imagining what the garden would look like; as dry as a roadside perhaps?. Fortunately it was not that bad, but a lot of work was waiting for me. The luxurious life of "il dolce far niente" - the sweet doing nothing – was over...

Here are some tips to get the garden back on track after the holidays quickly:

First, throw away all fading planting of hanging baskets and plant containers. Believe me, those plants will never recover. Buy something new or store plant pots for next year
Mow the grass. Don’t forget to cut the edges otherwise it has no effect whatsoever.
Prune the hedges.
Cut the "Autumn" out of your borders.
And at last, sweep the paths.

By the time this work has been done, you're practically need a new holiday again!

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Il dolce far niente

Lucca. Roofgarden

Lucca. French garden with citrus trees

Must have Hosta. Hosta Royal standard

Olive tree in murderously heat

At home. Mow the grass.

These plants will never recover!