Seeding bulbs.

Do not expect  from me any information about sowing bulbs, I prefer to order them at my regular supplier.( But if the bulbs themselves take the initiative ....

A few years ago I bought three bulbs of the pineapple plant, Eucomis bicolor.
‘Container plants’ was written on the package. I planted them in a pot and that summer they bloomed beautifully with peculiar, pineapple-like flowers.

That winter I have put the pot – with the bulbs of course - in the barn. Around the pot I putted some protection against frost bite , but nevertheless in the spring the bulbs appeared all to be frozen.

Next summer on the shell path I discovered a leaf of the pineapple plant. A spontaneous seedling? I wanted to dig up the seedling to plant it in a pot, but I forgot.

This year I saw even more seedlings. What is happening in my garden if I do not pay attention? This morning I counted 7 seedlings. And one has even started to flower!

So for everybody who wants to sow bulbs, throw the seed on the shell path close to your house and just forget them for a few years.

Who knows Mother Nature gives you a gift as well!

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Eucomis bicolor

Seedlings on the shell path.