Deer in the garden. What to do?

Really, I love to see deer in the "wild". But if deer are having your garden for dinner, that a whole different story. However, that is common practice in my village Oostkapelle.

Everyone has their own ideas how to frighten off the deer. For instance, CDs, human hair, plastic bags, flags or even so, a whole cage around the garden!

Deer also visited my garden. It appeared that they love rosebuds. To prevent this happening, I armed my garden with an electric fence. After sustaining several electric shocks during installation I finally had the fence working properly.

Alas! The fence did not prevent the deer coming back again. This spring they ate a trail through my tulip garden. What to do? No more tulips in my garden?

I was told that Gardener Jan Pouwelse ( was looking for gardens to spray with a new experimental drug against deer and rabbits. I was overjoyed to hear that my garden could participate in this trial. The product is called Rabbix and is manufactured by ECO style.( It dispels rabbits, hares and deer on the basis of smell.

Early July the product was sprayed on the hedge. At first, the packaging is firmly shaken. Thereafter all filters were removed from the spraying tank to prevent clogging. The drug has a peppery smell.

By the end of September I still have not seen a deer in my garden, even though they are spotted in our village frequently.

I very much hope that this product becomes readily available on the market for individuals soon. And please mister ECO style, in not to tiny packages?

Perhaps, Mother Nature may help a little in the future, because in Lelystad a dead wolf has been found??

“To all wolves”: take a left at Lelystad. Little Red Riding Hood is waiting for you ....

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Electric fence

Everyone has their own ideas how to frighten off the deer

Deer feces on the drive.

My tulips in full bloom....

The next day after the deer came along.

A deer during a winter walk in Oostkapelle

The new product

July, Rabbix is sprayed on the hedge.