Garden Tour to England.

This summer my husband and I travelled to England. We visited Eden Project, a futuristic botanical garden in Cornwall.

The admission fee was not at all cheap, £23:50 pounds pp about € 28 -. But if you have travelled so far, you want to see it.

Eden Project has been built in a valley. The huge domes, which house the tropical botanical garden, dominates the landscape. I have read that the diameter of the largest dome is 125 m and 55m high!

From the parting area we walked down towards the domes. Along the way we passed beautiful plant groups. These had different themes. For example, plants of the Dinosaurs period.

We saw pergolas with roses, lavender fields and beautiful vegetable gardens; chard next to marigolds, leeks and radishes. The entrance of the large dome, which we already knew from the James Bond film 'Die Another Day', is also there.

We found a wide variety of palms inside the dome. Occasionally, I recognized an indoor plant that had become a real giant in its “natural” habitat. Butterflies flew around in beautiful colours. A waterfall was pouring down. Tropical birds were pottering on the ground. All those unknown species! I felt like a planthunter.

Luckily it was not too hot to climb to the ridge of the dome. Along wobbly but firm steps we climbed up. From above we had a spectacular overview to the jungle below us.

In the restaurant we took a break with tea and scones. After that, we proceeded to the next dome with Mediterranean plants. All plants were well taking care of in every detail.

There are a lot of thing to do for children. Explore, touch, that's the concept. It was a fresh, trendy and innovative plants adventure.

At home I had to start in my garden right away, my own jungle!

The domes

Plants of the Dinosaurs period.

Palm and flowers

Jungle plants

Tropical flower

From above the waterfall

The dome from the Film Die Another Day