Daisy Fleabane. Love at first sight.

Years ago I saw a 80 cm high white Daisy in  a garden. It was love at first sight. I asked the gardenowner the name, but she never worked in the garden and had really no idea.

At another occasion I saw the plant again at a gardencentre. It was in a pot with a mother plant. They told me that you have to sow that plant. Unfortunately they had no seeds, and of course the mother plant was not for sale.

A year later I spotted the plant again in a French road verge. Alas no seeds on it. No name tag too! It was to lose all hope.

Until two years ago ...

In Switzerland, near Italy the plant could be found everywhere in the wild! On the railway tracks, in the allotments, but also in the roadverge next to our campsite. In the evening, after doing the dishes, I went to see if there were any seeds on it.

I put a paper bag of the croissants of earlier that day in my pocket, just in case there were indeed seeds to be found. They were! The seeds are miniscule. But I was deeply satisfied with a tip of the croissant bag full of seeds.

On arrival back home I sowed the seeds in the picking garden and the plant came on. It flourishes from June to November. On the internet I finally found the name, Erigeron annuus, Daisy Fleabane.
Today I discovered hundreds of seedlings in my picking garden. It looks as though this summer love is here to stay!


Daisy Fleabane close up

Daisy Fleabane, Erigeron anuuus

Seedlings of Daisy Fleabane