The summer garden. Early in the morning.

For several days now, it's been beautiful summer weather.  Is that the reason why I woke up so early this morning? As I look out the kitchen window I see the first rays of sunshine illuminate the garden. How beatiful it looks!

I catch my camera and go outside to make these beautiful morning pictures. It's quiet outside.
Everyone is still in bed.

Every now and again the sun illuminates another part of the garden. For example, the one moment a poppy lights up in the sun, whilst at another moment the geranium next to it is lit.

In the picking garden birds startle from my early appearance. They are not used to see me that early! They are looking for ripe seeds to nibble on. From the newly opened flowers comes a buzz of bumblebees and a single bee.

I enjoy the silence in the garden. Later this morning, the many tourists will hurry to the beach. So will I!

I captured this morning by camera. Images of backlit flowers.



Geranium 'White Ness'

Delphinium 'Berghimmel'

Papaver seeling

Papaver somniferum

Hosta leaf.