Hydrangea 'Annabelle' in a net.

Hydrangea 'Annabelle' is very popular in Dutch gardens. Jealously I look at the enormous flower umbels in other gardens. Although I have planted 'Annabelle' at the most humid place of the garden, I never get the mega large flower umbels. Maybe the ground is still too dry?

Another thing I did not realize when I put 'Annabelle' in the ground, was the effect of the wind. At the Zeeuwse Coast it is always very windy and at times even very severe. Once a wind force 7 and the beauty of 'Annabelle' has gone; leaves damaged, flowers flat on the ground.

Relocating to a sheltered spot in the garden? There is something to be said for that. However, my borders are overcrowded. 'Annabelle' will have to do with the assigned spot.

On a visit to the nursery “De Goede Aarde” (http://www.kwekerij-ingoedeaarde.nl) I saw the solution to this windy problem. Frans Geijsels drew my attention to a dark green plastic net. The mesh about 10x10 cm. (Unfortunately, the net is out of stock at this moment).

The net is placed over the plant. ( Because the net is always tied in a knot, it is wise to do some meditation exercises before you start! ) Subsequently the plant grows through the net and the net gives all the support needed. It is perfect!.

Hydrangea 'Annabelle' is now storm proof in my garden.


The plastic net.

The plastic net is placed.
The plastic net is invisible.