Astrantia, “Zeelands button”.

Astrantia, “Zeelands button”.

At Walcheren (a peninsula in Zeeland in the southwest of Holland) people are under the spell of the “Zeelands button”. Baking tins, pieces of soap, chocolates, necklaces made of polymer clay and even a bicycle bell in the shape of the “Zeelands button”. All of a sudden Zeelands button has become trendy.

Traditionally the button belonged to the traditional Zeeland costume. The golden button decorated the hatpin. Occasionally 3 pairs of different sized hatpins were worn on the hat.

In Holland we call Astrantia : “Zeelands button”

It has been a good year so far for Astrantia, I cannot remember to have seen Astrantia flowering as beautiful as this year. The plants have blended amongst each other and come in all shapes and colours. They grow everywhere in the garden. The colour is white, pink or crimson and very subtle, so they seldom detonate . I love them.

Astrantias like a moist spot. Probably that is why, it has been a great year for the Astrantia. Rain aplenty! If you keep on cutting away the dead flowers, the plants flower endlessly. Occasionally I also cut away the leaves. They can look a bit messy. After a few weeks the plant reacts with fresh new leaves.

Although the traditional costume has almost disappeared of Walcheren, the “Zeelands button” is hot. And hopefully the summer as well!

Zeeland hatpin in gold. Bakingtin, soap, chocolates, necklaces and bicycle bell

Astrantia "Shaggy"

Astrantia "Buckland"

Astrantia seedling in pink.

Astrantia seedling in crimson.