Fragrant, old-fashioned roses.

What a treat to see my old-fashioned roses in flower after a year. Old-fashioned roses flower only once a year. I inhale the scent of roses. Delicious.

The roses in my garden are not only old fashioned, but also old. I have many for 25 years. Long time ago I drove to Oostvoorne. To the Rosarium  Belle Epoque. A Rosarium filled with fragrant, (most) old rose varieties.

It was a beautiful day. I smelled all the roses. I chose the ones with the most fragrance. Of course I also looked at color. The roses that I liked, got a note in my catalog.

I still have the old catalog. About the roseConstance Spry’ (an English rose by David Austin) I had written in the margin: Backyard. As peony flowers. Colour like Queen Elizabeth. Smells delicious. The notes are still correct.

IfConstance Spry’ blooms it delighted everyone. Large flowers like peonies draped over the rose arche. They unfortunately flower only for three weeks. On the other side of this rose arche I planted RosaBlush Noisette’. A rose that already was cultivated in 1817. This rose flowers, unlike most old-fashioned roses, endlessly. Until Christmas, if it is not freezing! They make small clusters of flowers. Very light pink.

Old fashioned roses and rain. That's a bad combination. The petals of this, often filled roses stick together by rain and rot. This is a disadvantage. I'll cut out the rotten flowers. However, rosaBlush Noisette’ constantly create new buds. And I hope for better weather!

But on a warm, sunny day the roses smell wonderfully. The garden is a romantic fairy tale. I think at the Rosarium Belle Epoque. The good old days!


Old-fasioned roses
Rose 'Blush Noisette'

Rose 'Constance Spry'

Catalog Belle Epoque