Alliums. Beautiful onions.

The ornamental onions (Allium) which I planted over the last years, are now wonderful in flower.

Alliums are easy growing bulbs. Give them a "dry" place to grow. By this I mean, a place where no puddles of water remain in winter. The bulbs can easily rot in winter. In my very dry border they found the right spot. They even multiply!

To make a big impact, it is important to plant a lot of bulbs. I planted a 100. The investment you made in autumm is forgotten in spring. ( I have planted the Alliums in a sling. The high Alliums I planted in groups of  7, 5 or 3. Odd numbers. That feels good in my opinion.

Allium 'Purple Sensation' (60 cm high) has the same purple color as the Rhododendron that already stood in the border. What a lucky. They flower at exactly the same time. This Rhododendron is the only one that can grow in my clay. A stayer.

But there are more types of Alliums I am growing in my garden. A favorite? It's hard to choose. The spiky A. Shubertii, the large round globes of A. Christophii or  the high A. Stipitatum? I love them all.

Soon will A. atropureum flower, with dark red flowers. I've combined them with the leaf of bronze fennel. Finally will flourish the tiny A. Spaerocephalon (what an uncommercial name!)

It took a long time before we could see the Alliums flower this spring. But I enjoy them every day.

Quite different is the the movie that I found on the internet. You can see an Allium in full flower in one minute!


Allium Stipitatum

Allium Christophii

Allium Schubertii

Allium in my very dry border

Allium and Rhododendron


                                                 Allium in one minute in flower