Wild garlic, makes me a softy.

Last week I saw the wild garlic buds appear. Grrr. In the garbage bin with these invasive plants! It may not set seeds.

While I added the wild garlic (Allium ursinum) in the garbage bin, I thought back to a romantic dinner I had with my husband in Budapest several years ago.

The setting. A warm evening in May. In Buda, on top of the mountain, we found a restaurant we liked. The tables were on a centuries-old courtyard. A guitarist was playing "Concierto d'Aranjuez" on his guitar. On the tables were antique plates. That colored beautifully with the gobelin tablecloth. Luckely there was a table free.

We started our supper with an appetizer. On top of the appetizer was a small flower. I ate it and thought: spicy! The Hungarian waiter did not know the name of this spicy flower. He could only tell me that it was a flower from the woods. Well, there are many in the forest.

Back home I started to work in the garden. To my surprise I was face to face with the same flower of the appetizer! It was wild garlic. Because I got only one little flower, I had not recognized it. I took a bite and thought again: spicy! It could not miss.

After all these romantic thoughts I, softy, walked to the garbage bin. I pulled out the wild garlic and put it in a vase. It's actually pretty cute.

My hopes are now pinned on a chef who reads this and wants to help me out with these flowers. They are unsprayed and I have enough for all the appetizers in the Netherlands!

Wild garlic one little flower
Wild garlic flowers
Wild garlic in the vase, pretty cute.