Trimming boxhedges.

End of May, early June, s time to trim your boxhedges. Trimming box is quite a job. Especially when you have so many as I have.

I do not cut all boxhedges in one day. I would incur an injury! I folow my schedule. Every day a quarter of the boxgarden. Furthermore, one day for the edges and one day for the topiary balls in the front yard. All the work is done within one week. In August I trim again. After that, the garden looks nice and tight during the
winter months.

All boxhedges are cut with an electric hedge trimmer. (Metabo). I have the smallest they make, that saves weight. I would like an even lighter one, but with the same powerful engine. Metabo designers, please do think about women who have to cut the hedges themselves!

Sharp blades are very important. Therefore I have two trimmers. I use one trimmer only for box, the other for the yew and other hedges. If I need a new hedge trimmer, I always keep the new one for box. With a pen I write on it: "yew" or "box."

Most of the work is cleaning up the pruning. I use a piece of canvas. I lay it neatly under the hedges. After cutting I sweep the leaves from the top of the boxhedge. I roll up the canvas and throw away the waste.

Regularly I am asked whether I cut just with gloomy weather. I do not mind. Sun or cloudy, I just keep on going. I also do not cover with old sheets, to protect against the sun. Clipped boxwood is always discoloring after trimming. That is nature.

And for those who want to see no damaged boxleaves there is only one solution: do not cut it. Then the box remains intact and delicious green.

Ready for trimming.

After trimming, sweep of the boxhedge.