Changing benches.

It started with a comment from my husband. That white bench behind the barn is really comfortable. Following his comment, I thought, why not put the bench on the large terrace for the summer?

I suggested this during supper and immediately the following issue arose. Where do we put the bench that is presently at the terrace? Behind the barn? It will definitely not suit that place. My husband suggested that it should replace the garden statue.

That thought would never have crossed my mind. What a creative solution! A nice place to enjoy the evening sun ...

After we had finished supper we went out to change it all. The bench was well suited in place of the garden statue, at the end of the sight line. The statue had to go. Outside the kitchen door would be a suitable place.

The statue was very heavy so we fetched the wheelbarrow. With all that weight, it appeared to have a flat tire. We inflated the tire and drove the statue to the new location.

Next we put the white bench on the terrace, but it did not look right at all! Far too small and delicate. No better solution than to take the teak wooden tables and wicker chairs of the kitchen terrace. That looked much better. Now the balance was back.

Knackered of all of this madness we fell on the bench.

Conclusion: All furniture is now in a different place. Besides the white bench with which it all started

The statue at the end of the sight line.

Later, the bench instead of the statue
White bench behind the barn