Pamela, what's in a name?

The other day I received an Amaryllis bulb from Jan Deen (my regular bulb supplier). "Pamela" he had written on the bag.

Pamela? What crossed the breeder’s mind naming his new Amaryllis Pamela? Pamela Anderson? I know, it made me immediately think of her. Pamela Anderson, the actress who could run so elegantly along the shore, in her red bathing suit and with her flowing hair. Not to mention the rest ......

Jan Deen suggested to put the bulb on a bowl without any soil. That was not very hard to do! So I took my black bowl, added a little moss and laid Pamela on this bed of moss. Instantly she looked very nice.

After some time two flower stems arise from the bulb. As the stems grew taller, Pamela became very unstable. The bulb kept tumbling down and Pamela lay askew on the bowl. A fallen woman, this had to stop!

I explored my vast depot of vases and found the solution in a vase in the shape of a champagne glass. Pamela fitted snugly into it. With some more moss I pushed the bulb into the vase. This simply stopped her from moving.

In the end Pamela proved to be a small flowering Amaryllis species. Flowers are about 8 cm. Each stem has seven flowers. It blooms profusely.

And the colour? Baywatch-red of course!

Pamela in a black bowl.

But the more the stem grew......

........she became more unstable.

Some moss from the garden makes it attractive.

One week later....Pamela in the champagne vase.

Another week later, Pamela in full bloom.

Seven flowers on each stem.

The flowers are smal, about 8 cm.

The roots. No water is added.

Baywatch- red!

Lovely close-up.

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  1. I've never had much luck with amaryllis - this is beautiful! Perhaps I need to give it another try!
    Thanks for linking up at

  2. Gorgeous Christmas flowers! My husband has a total crush on Pam!

  3. How lovely, much more so than the actress.

  4. This is so lovely. I am really bad with plants. Therefore, I like the idea of no water, no soil.

  5. Beautiful flowers - I am still waiting for mine to grow and bloom! /Elin

  6. That is the perfect flower to be named Pamela!!


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