Recommended, flower bulbs in pots!

Maybe you do not feel the same need as I do to perforate your garden and planting bulbs in them. However this should not stop you from having flowering bulbs in spring. Just plant them in pots!

When I do so I plant the bulbs not directly into the terracotta pot, but in a plastic container that fits exactly into the terracotta pot. That gives me the opportunity to switch. Once one species have finished flowering I put another container with bulbs in its place. Mind you: The large bulbs of tulips and daffodils do better in a larger container pot. So think big!

Which bulbs to use?

In my experience all types of bulbs can be used for this purpose. Not only tulips and daffodils, but also small bulbs, like anemone and Puschkinia thrive in pots. Note: narcissi in pots can easily suffer from frostbite. So, I always put the pots with daffodils free from the ground, on a piece of wood or something like that.

How to proceed?

Put some soil in the plastic pot and plant a layer of bulbs. Cover the bulbs with a layer of potting soil and plant/place another layer of bulbs on top of that. Cover the bulbs with soil. Do not forget to label the container. Believe me, after 6 months you will not remember what you've planted. Planting bulbs in pots is quickly done. Faster than I can type this blog!

Can I still plant bulbs?

It's not too late yet. You can plant tulips in pots until mid-January (provided the soil is not frozen). It is already too late to plant snowdrops and imperial crowns. Buy good quality bulbs to avoid disappointment. Not at the hardware store or supermarket. My bulbs supplier (Jan Deen) would say: "Do you buy a steak at the fishmonger?"

So start planting! I can highly recommend it to you all! To inspire you I add some pictures of my spring bulbs in pots.

Narcissci in terracotta pots

Puschkinia in little pots. 

Botanic tulips.............

.......they look great on the table.

You can also plant tulips in baskets........


Or even better, two baskets.

No pot left? Wrap them in a piece of brown paper.

I also use the old dustbins.

Crocus in terracotta basket.


Bulbs in pots. Recommended!


  1. Dear Hetty!
    Very interesting and beautifull pictures.Where do you place the containers in winther?
    It's a good idea to plant the bulbs in plastic container.
    Kind regards

    1. Dear lise, I keep the pots on the terrace. Sometimes in hard winters I put them in a plastic greenhouse. Hopefully I don't need to do so this winter! Groetjes,

  2. These are gorgeous!
    Thank you for sharing at

  3. These are great ideas for gardens! My garden is a combination of seeds and bulbs and I really enjoy it.

  4. So beautiful!
    I have tried sometimes, with more or less success. Lilies are most succesful. Now, you inspired me to try again...

  5. So many beauties you show us! Is it Tulip Turcestanisa and Purissima in the first Picture? I've tried to plant bulbs in pots, but I think the winter is to hard here up north. When my tulips bloom I move some from the flowerbed to pots in spring. That helps:)

    1. Yes, they are. They flower at the same time in the same colour. A very strong combination. Recommended! I don't envy your strong winters. a lot of work for a gardener! Groetjes.

  6. So many and beautiful pots you have!

  7. Beautiful pots with lots of lovely flowers.
    I have two big pots in my greenhouse, hope they will turn out as fine as yours.
    Have a nice weekend!


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