Tree peonies in a vase. Who dares?

Three tree peonies grow in my garden. A dark red, a white and a pink one.

This year the strong winds of early May, destroyed the flowers of the dark red peony and the white one was unlucky too during its flowering period. The pink one, however, which blooms later, had more luck. No severe rain and/or strong winds so far. This pink tree peony is close to my kitchen and I can see it flowering trough the kitchen window.

On a tree peony, in my opinion basically everything is beautiful. The leaves, the buds, the large flowers, and at the end the seed pods.

After the flowers have finished blooming, I pull off the messy petals. The seedpods look much nicer without the crumpled remains of the flower. Whilst I'm doing this on the pink one, I see a flower that is still looking very nice at the back of the bush. This one is not visible from the window. Pity. Without thinking, I take the shears out of my pocket and cut .......I have cut it off!

To justify my impulsive action I decide that this peony will look beautifully in a bowl. But I have never cut tree peonies from the garden before. I also cut a piece of ivy from the garden. Then I arrange everything in the bowl.

The flower flowered in the bowl for 4 days. At the bush it does not flower much longer. Maybe it is a little decadent to have such a huge flower in a vase.

I dare you to do the same, you will love it!

Pink tree peony.

In my garden mid May.

Tree peony in a bowl.

It looks a little decadent!

Seed pod. 

Seed pod of dark red peony.

The last flower of the white peony.

Spring, bud of pink tree peony.

Everything is beautiful. Look at these leaves!

I dare you to do the same, you will love it.

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  1. Dear Hetty, oh, my gosh that pink tree peony looks amazing. Sooo.... beautiul, I think it can even rival a rose! I love the way you have arranged the single pink flower in a silver bowl. And yes, it radiates the feeling of decadence, but what is wrong with that ;-)?
    I wanted to have a tree peony since a long time, but never got around to buy one, but your post has really motivated me to finally get serious and find a nice one for my garden as well. Thanks!
    Warm regards,

  2. Dear Hetty
    I have three tree peonies. a white "Rockii", pink and yellow (have not seen the flowers yet on the yellow ...) They are beautiful!
    Pompous and nice decoration!


  3. Que lindas!

    Eu amo peônias!!



  4. wow you have a flair of bringing out the best of the peonies! Beautiful:)

  5. Oh so beautiful they are! Have a nice weekend! Regards from Ewa :)


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