Hyacinth on glass.

Last autumn I ordered a bag of hyacinth bulbs to put these "on glass". Just like my mother used to. But there are many hurdles before these hyacinths can be enjoyed.

First set back was, the pre-chilled hyacinth bulbs were not available. (Pre-chilled bulbs have already had a cold period). On the bag my bulb supplier has written, "Sorry no pre-chilled bulbs. Place them a few weeks under cool and dark circumstances." I placed the bag with bulbs in the barn and simply forgot them....

Midst of January.

Suddenly it is freezing and hyacinths cannot cope with the frost. In the barn it freezes almost as hard as outside, so I must bring my hyacinths into the house. Although the hyacinths can be put on glass now, they still need a dark and cool place.

Dark and cool?, I think a little bit stressed. Where? Everywhere in the house itself is too hot. Melancholically I think of the large, dark and cool cellar under my parents' house. My mother always put the hyacinths here. She did not suffer from any hyacinth stress!

Suddenly I have a hunch; the cupboard where all the electrics come into the house! (Is there a word for in English?) This cupboard is not heated and it is not only dark and dusty, but cold too. I put the hyacinths at the bottom of this cupboard, close the door and wait .......

The hyacinths thrive. The roots grow very fast and within a few weeks’ time I can get them all out to grow further on the kitchen windowsill.

The kitchen is now filled with exuberantly blooming hyacinths. My mission has been successful.

Hyacinths in the “fuse meter cupboard”. It shows: a solution will come to you whenever stress is at its peak!

Hyacinths on glass in the "fuse meter cupboard". Dusty, cool and dark.

Hyacinths in flower!

Hyacinth 'White Pearl'.

I have placed the hyacinths in old preserving jars.

Some just have the right shape for hyacinths on glass.

Pure white.

My collection of preserving jars and the hyacinths on the kitchen table.

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  1. I love hyacinths - the smell and flower. They don't grow here in Florida as it's too hot. I should try forced bulbs.

  2. Dear Hetty, your hyacinths are looking absolutely lovely in the old preserving jars! So glad you found a solution to match their growing needs while forcing them.
    I have forced hyacinths here in California, too, but it is very difficult to keep them cool enough. Mine got very lengthy after a very short while in the house and drooped to the side. So I stopped going through the effort and forcing them. I do miss them, though. So glad I could enjoy yours vicariously through the internet!
    Warm regards,

  3. They are so beautiful. I must try this. Thanks for the tips.
    I am your newest follower.

  4. I'm glad you found a safe place for your hyacinths! They're beautiful. I picked them to feature for Flower Friday today.

  5. Your hyacinths are beautiful, Hetty, and standing up so straight. I gave up growing them in a glass as the heads always were too heavy and feel over despite keeping them cool. Well done to you.


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