Pruning willows. A truly Dutch job.

Today I will not tell you about my own garden, but those of our friends instead.

Because, what do you do when you have to prune 20 willows and you have little time at your hands? Well, you send your friends an invitation to get together and work a little in exchange for a delicious meal. Of course we all accepted. Pruning willows, is it not truly Dutch?

On the scheduled day the sun was shining brightly. We could not wait to get the work started. After a short briefing over a cup of coffee in the kitchen, we all started right away.

First of all the branches of the willow were cut off with a chainsaw. The so-called “drag team” lugged the branches that came off into the yard. Subsequently, some of our female friends readily cut the branches to size.

The thicker pieces were kept for the fireplace; twigs were for the wooded bank. The “pruning team” stripped long straight branches with infinite patience. Following this stripping, the bald straight branches were brought to the “braid team”. They put these branches into a wicker fence around the vegetable garden. An enormous amount of work was done.

At the end of this sunny day all willows were pruned, the branches cleared up and the kitchen garden had a new fence. Satisfied and exhausted we sat down on the couch and toasted to our friendship.

A friendship as old as the pruned willows themselves!

Willow, before...

And after pruning.

After pruning the woman get started!

Here we are making a wooded bank.

Oeps, Girl power. And I see a new garden trend: Garden Uggs! 

Lunch time.

Soup with meat balls in it.

20 willows already done.


In the evening sun ......

....a truly Dutch scene.

Vegetable garden with the new fence.

Close up, old willow.

Also truly Dutch: wooden shoes. Just for decoration!

The sun set. 

A lovely day of working and friendship.


  1. Looks like us when we get together to help friends with the olive harvest. Fresh air, friends, food and fun! I am so, so, so, so envious of that lovely willow wattle fence. Unfortunately, there are no willows here, so no pretty wattle fences, either.

  2. Dear Hetty,

    I enjoyed seeing your photos of the pruning of the willow trees. Many hands make light work as they say. Loved seeing the scenery from your place. I have been pruning some olive trees that were growing close to our driveway.
    Hope you are having a lovely week

  3. Vad härligt att många hjälper till fin allé blev det jag gillar den formen på träden
    Ha en fin fredag

  4. Riktigt härlig trädgårdsdag. Fina bilder på trädgårdsjobb.
    Ha det bäst. Åsa

  5. I guess this is a trulyl Dutch thing! Weeping Willows love water, and you have got miles and miles of canals.
    Nice to see, and good work :)

  6. Fabuleos...great photo and great team!
    Your photo with it:)

  7. That´s what friends are for!
    Have a nice weekend.

  8. Such great friends for helping each other. Awesome work and friendship.

  9. Dear Hetty, sounds like you had a day of fun working together with your friends pruning the willows. I wonder though, why the willows are traditionally pruned that way in your country. I mean obviously it is a lot of work, so why not allow them to grow as they please?
    I love the new willow branch fence around the vegetable garden! It fits so well into the surrounding landscape.
    Warm regards,

  10. Wonderful! Nice pictures!
    Have a nice week.
    Best regard from Ewa :)


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