How gardening makes you Happy. Step 1. Let's do it!

How gardening can make you HAPPY. Step 1.

I write this post for all you young girls. Of course you're much too busy to be gardening. But I tell you you will feel happier once you allow yourselves some time to gardening!

Gardening is too often associated with punishment. Fireworks vandals for instance, have to do community service which nine out of ten times is tidying public green. You may also remember your parents grumbling about who had to mow the lawn. Or you have a neighbour who hates gardening so much; he has paved the entire garden! Probably that is the reason why gardening has a negative connotation.

But gardening is a mindset. Switch of those negative thoughts! Gardening is not a job at all; it is a moment for yourself. In the garden you can be yourself. You can let your thoughts simply linger on. No worries about the perfect FB life; it is not in the garden, enjoy that freedom! It does not matter whether your garden is large or small. A balcony is fine too.

I challenge you to go gardening. Just start and I promise you, gardening will make you HAPPY.


I already can hear you thinking, Hetty it is January, I cannot start gardening. You are so wrong, my dear girls! As long as there is no 20cm of snow fallen or it freezes 10 degrees, we can get to work. So start NOW! RIGHT AWAY! NOW I mean!

Step 1 PUT YOUR PHONE ON AIRPLANE MODE AND PUT IT FAR AWAY. Really, that friend with a broken heart can do without you for a moment. And of course that cute dude from the dating site can wait. Just let him dangle for a bit, the more eagerly he will love you! Your creative mind will be blocked when it always is being distracted.

Step 2. Enter your 'green space' and CLEAN UP! CLEAN UP the empty champagne bottles and the turn of the year flares. CLEAN UP the jars with plant residues that has moulded for months. CLEAN UP the barbecue that has been left there since the last summer party. THROW AWAY all that rubbish. CLEAN UP. CLEAN UP. CLEAN UP!!!!

Step 3. Once you have cleared REALLY EVERYTHING, you can go to the store and reward yourself with a nice plant for the garden. Buy a few pansies or a new Christmas rose. What ever you like. Plant them with attention and meanwhile fantasize about your garden.

Step 4. Post your pansies or your clean balcony on Instagram or FB! Share your experience with your friends. Tell me. Because I really want to know, did you feel it too?

That gardening makes you HAPPY?

February 6 is the next post. ‘How gardening makes you happy. Step 2’

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I am not a great fan of filters, but maybe it is appealing to you.

look close: waterdrop on a leaf.

My purchase, a Christmas rose.

This is the garden I am going to show you every month......

.....the garden is 5x7m. I will show you the possibilities.  


  1. Hi Hetty, I don't know if you will reach the girls with your series of garden posts, but I sure hope you do! I am curious to see what response you are getting. In any case I think it is a great idea to reach out to girls and get them motivated to garden!
    Happy New Year to you, dear Hetty!
    Warm regards,

  2. Dear Hetty,
    what a lovely post! Your so right-gardening brings so much happiness! I am 24, and love gardening. When I am in my garden, tending for my plants, I just leave my mobile phone inside, forgetting about it altogether. However, I guess your right, the majority of the younger generation might be more into texting and stuff like that. Every time I come back from a holiday and show my friends photographs of my travels they would sigh and say "Lisa, why did you take so many rose pictures again?" They just can´t share my enthusiasm about plants, can´t imagine how some rose pictures bring me so much joy. However, I also know people my age who are quite interested in gardening, but who can´t have a garden or a balcony. Here in Vienna it is rather a luxury to have a garden and I consider myself very lucky to have one. I think whether you appreciate gardening or not might also be influenced by your upbringing. When I was a child my grandmother would walk to flower fields with me and we would pick flowers together. My mum, who loves gardening herself, has been taking me to garden centres since I was young. My parents also have a garden, and when my sister and I were children we were encouraged to have our own flowerbeds in the garden. Interestingly, my sister isn´t that keen on gardening as I am, but maybe she will be one day. Having said quite a lot already, I hope your lovely thoughts about gardening will convince many young people of the pleasures of gardening.
    Best wishes,

    1. Dear Lisa, thanks for sharing your thoughts! This is just what I am aming for. Young people like you starting to care for a garden. I think you don't need a lot of encouragement. I was just like you when I had your age. We have to spread the good news and let's make everybody happy! Groetjes Hetty

  3. Hej Hetty!
    Spændende projekt du er startet på.Jeg tror at du kan motivere andre til at prøve havens lyksaligheder.Bliver man først grebet af havearbejdet får man alle de positive sidegevinster,-motion,afløb for kreativitet,forståelse for livscyklus og afslappelse på trods af hårdt arbejde!
    Held og lykke med det og rigtig godt nytår fra Lise

  4. I've seen your gardening Hetty and I know that it will be beautiful!
    Thanks for linking up at, and have a wonderful 2017!

  5. I can't wait to start seeing the spring flowers but I suspect it will be a while yet


  6. This is very cool!!
    I have a little garden, and you're right, gardening makes us happy!!


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