A 100 white crocusses.

Last autumn I have planted  a 100 white crocus in blue painted flowerpots. At this moment the crocus have started to flower. To get the maximum enjoyment of these I have put them outside on the table nearby the kitchen window. Thus we are able to have a look at them all the time.

In my enthusiasm, I dragged my husband to the kitchen window to admire my creation. "Do you like it?" I asked. "It is a bit too blue to my taste," my husband said. "There should be a white stripe on the pot."

Missing a white stripe? To check whether that was a good idea I took a white ribbon and tied it around the flowerpot. My husband was right. It looked much better.

"I should have to have a turntable to paint that white stripe on the pots", I said. "Take your salad spinner”, suggested my husband with a grin on his face, knowing that I had thrown that away 25 years ago. “Or you can use the drill, that rotates slowly too."

Whilst  my husband went away for jogging a few miles, my creative brain worked at top speed! The drill?! If I were to put the sanding drum on top of it, that would make a fine turntable. But will I be able to operate it with one hand and paint the pots at the same time? Maybe if I put the drill in the vice. That should work.

I clamped the machine in the vice. I had to level it at one side with a plastic tray and on the other side with a box of screws. Behold, my improvised turntable was ready to use!

Dear blog readers, I understand this will be abracadabra to you, so I took a picture for clarity!

I pressed the button of the drill with one hand and striped the turning pot with my other hand. It went better than expected! When my husband returned from jogging, the paint work had already be done.

And so I enjoy my white crocus every day. In blue pots with a machine painted white stripe!

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Crocussus Jeanne d'Arc.

On the table. 

Blue dyed pots.

With a white stripe.

They glow in the sun.

What you need to paint a white stripe on a flowerpot!


  1. Beautiful! Creative use of machinery for painting.=)

    1. Your photos make me jealous. Can you tell me what lens do you use for macro shots?

  2. What a clever idea! One have to be generous while planting crocuses. 'Jeanne d'Arc' is so beautiful!

  3. Underbara bilder....generöst....=)

    Trevlig helg !

    Kram Ninni

  4. Så vackert med krokusar i kruka så där många vad generös du är.Tack för tipset om målningen
    Ha en fin helg
    Kram meta

  5. Very beautifull!
    Have a nice weekend!


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