Will my garden statue become a tourist attraction?

I have a small garden statue of a lion. All of a sudden it is damaged. The lion has lost its nose! How this happened nobody knows. Frost? Or is it just poor quality?

I think it is the latter. Because when I bought this lion in a brocante store long ago, it already had lost his lower jaw. I did not mind, because without its lower jaw it looked a lot friendlier. Moreover, because of this flaw, it was attractively priced. The lion found its place on the terrace and it looked calm and satisfied with that. Until recently.

Together my husband and I look out of the window at the lion.
‘What should I do with a lion without a jaw and without a nose?’
‘Quickly buy a new one’, my husband suggests.
'But I do not want a new one'.

My old lion has beautiful moss on its head. It takes decades before a new lion would have the same patina. To dispose of the lion altogether is neither an option. I am attached to my lion. But without a nose ... mmm is that still nice?

Then I realize there are more statues without a nose. For instance the sphinx at the pyramid of Giseh. Without its nose ..... and still world famous! It makes me like my broken garden statue again.

Happily I say to my husband, 'We will have "The Lion of Oostkapelle", a future tourist attraction!'
'Busloads will be coming to watch it', my husband fantasizes, lit by the idea. 'As all those tourists come to see our lion, I will put on a uniform and I'll cut the tickets!'

You will surely understand. Even without a nose the lion should stay.
Enjoy your week
My lion without a nose. 
I like the hairy moss on his head. 
It looks a bit tatty... 
.. but maybe it becomes an attraction!

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