Waxing moon and why you have to sow now.

Yesterday I found an old book on the bookshelf. It is entitled: Start again. A handbook with tips for those who want to return to nature. Of course, everything self-supporting. Imagine the idyll, a shack in the middle of nowhere in your own knitted sheep wool sweater. Growing your own vegetables. It is full of cheerful seventies drawings and is printed on simple paper. With renewed interest I look at the chapter about sowing. I have been gardening for a lifetime and I wonder if I can still learn a thing.

Chapter 161 tells about the influence of the moon on plants. It is ancient wisdom, but I have never looked into it. It turns out to be a rather complicated matter. I learn the most fertile period is when the waxing moon is in the sign of the lobster. Huh? Lobster? In case you want to go back to nature, you best do a study of astrology.

I surf on the internet and at the same time I realize that this would not be possible in your shack in the middle of nowhere! How sad to live without Wi-Fi. You should know, I consult the Internet almost daily for my garden.

But I come across a very useful site. All info has been arranged by: the moon phase, the constellation and also what to sow / plant best on a daily base.(website)
As it turns out to be: TODAY 25th of March the moon is dominated by the lobster! So it is the perfect day to sow, to plant fruit trees and to remove weeds. So gardeners, go outside you all! Start sowing, planting and weeding!

Finally, I wonder what to do with my potatoes. According to the calendar, I can start planting them on April 7th. But the sprouts already are so big. The potatoes call: "plant me, plant me". I realise it is nice to work with a moon calendar but what to do? Waiting for the waning moon or plant right now?

I decide to plant one part of the potatoes right now and the other part on April 7th. By doing so we have another exiting experiment to follow!

Enjoy your week!

The book, I am sorry it is in Dutch.

sowing Lathyrus

I sow lots of plants inside the house.

to long potato sprouts

My potatoes..........

waxing moon

................what to do?

waxing moon

flowers in basket

I am looking forward to the flowers!


  1. I'm looking forward to seeing your flowers as well - your photos never fail to please!
    Thanks for joining us at https://image-in-ing.blogspot.com/2018/03/a-peek-inside-biltmore-estate.html

  2. You made laugh. Thank you. Moon in lobster. hmm. beyond me. I also go thru old books and like old wisdom. I also am online daily for hours. So yes I like the fantasy of a cottage in the wood away from it all but know I like my modern niceties too. Be sure and post the progress of all the potatoes. I want to know if there's a difference.

  3. Dear Hetty,
    I personally have never given much thought about the moon´s influence. My mum on the contrary, has always believed in it. She has got a calendar that tells her what to do or not to do in her garden on a certain day. Once she told me "Lisa, today is a bad day for working in the garden." She told me that after I had planted new plants, cut back my roses and fertilised them. The plants thrived nevertheless. They might be influenced by the moon, but much more I am sure they are influenced by gardeners who lovingly care for their plants. I am excited to hear about the results of your experiment. I too sowed some sweet peas. It is the first time that I sowed them earlier, already in October, because I read that this way they might get stronger. Since my sweet peas didn´t thrive last year, I really hope they will do better with the sowing in autumn method.
    Best wishes,


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