How gardening can make you happy step 12. Finally tranquillity.

This is the final post from the gardening series ‘How gardening can make you happy.’ I write this series to encourage young girls and boys for gardening.

Dear garden girls and boys,

December is probably the month in which people totally get stressed the most. Is it the glossy magazines that have to be blamed for that?

First of all, they dictate the house has to be decorated beautifully. The glossy magazines show you how. This month you SHOULD cook delicious food too. The recipes seem to be difficult, but because it is December it SHOULD be made. Also a new outfit SHOULD be chosen, gifts must be bought ..... You really feel the pressure; It is you that have to make it perfect and be perfect as well!

In gardening my dear garden girl / boy, December is exactly the opposite. December is the month to relax. THERE SHOULD BE DONE NOTHING. The weeds don’t grow or barely grow. This also applies to the lawn and the hedge. It is too early to sow and it is too late to replant. The garden girls and boys feel tranquillity. Finally! And this tranquillity makes you feel HAPPY, even now you are not gardening.

Dear garden girls and boys don’t be fooled by the glossy magazines. The picture shows a beautiful Christmas table, but no Christmas dinner is eaten over there. After all, those Christmas features were made months ago! Don’t worry too much. Enjoy the people around you. Make it cosy and stay relaxed.

Feel tranquil. After all next month ......... gardening starts all over again.

And that’s how you STAY HAPPY!

Finally, some photos from your example garden.

Back to basic. Januari.



End of April.

June. I placed the bench again.




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  1. Your garden is stunning!
    Thanks so much for sharing your photos at

  2. Lovely! Thanks for sharing! have a great week!

  3. April comes, she will...
    Happy Holidays!

  4. This post is a good lesson for all of us, not just boys and girls!

  5. Like the reflective, ironic twist to the text. Haven't read any of the other chapters though the pictures from the year were stunning.

    I prepared next year and ordered vegetable seeds in the past week. So come on Januray and February - I'm ready.

    Ha a nice week! Caina

    1. You can read back all the privious posts. Next year... we will start gardening

  6. Dear Hetty,
    I think you already know that I really enjoyed your "How gardening can make you happy" series. So many useful tips, beautiful pictures and best of all your humorous, fun way of writing. The last two weeks I have been off from work and have been working a lot in my garden. I read your post, It should be all about relaxing in December, but I just had to dig around a bit in the garden. I threw out a rose I didn´t like and I finally got rid of most of the leaves that had been falling from the trees, though there are still some falling to the grounds. When the weather is bad, I am thinking about the garden, doing a lot of planning for the new season. Sometimes, I am so excited about all my garden ideas that I can´t fall asleep at night and when I finally sleep, I often dream of gardens and roses.
    Best wishes,

    1. Dear Lisa, sometimes I am awake at night too, but always dreaming about my garden. Groetjes,



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