The Green Happiness.

It is January, and like every year I am on a diet. There is one difference from the previous years. I am on a vegan diet, from the book: 50 Days of Green Happiness.(The Green Happiness)

Although this title has a nice ring to it, I still feel some doubt. To eat no fish for 50 days, isn’t that asking a little bit too much? My daughter already started and she is enthusiastic. Her skin glows and she feels much more energetic. You really should do it Mom; she is trying to persuade me. So I made up my mind and ordered the book.

As the book arrives, it is clear I have to purchase an impressive amount of fruits and vegetables in order to prepare the first meal. I make up a list and with this I buy many unknown products. E.g. buckwheat, oat and noble yeast flakes. Still I am worrying. Is this Vegan food going to be tasteful at all? Luckily the taste is fine.

The exotic fruits used have intriguing seedpods. Of course a garden woman like me cannot resist sowing them! I wrap the avocado and mango seeds in wet paper towels, put them in a plastic bag, twist a towel around it and place them on the heating radiator. As soon as the seeds break open, I plant them in a pot. Nice!

Then I suddenly remember: there's chia seed in the closet. Could I sow these too? Or otherwise the sunflower seeds, flaxseed, pumpkin seed .......  My imagination runs riot. I am going to sow all these next spring!

It is obvious, I am indeed more energetic. And the expectation to grow all these seeds .....

That will be at least another 50 days of Green Happiness!

Mango on the fruit bowl.

It looks like an oyster! 

Peel of the skin.

Wrap the seed in a paper towel and put it in a plastic bag.

Place the seeds on the heating radiator and wait...

Mango in a pot.

 Avocado. I have already peeled off the brown skin.

A few weeks later....Ready for indoor planting!

Pumpkin seeds. They have to wait for milder weather.

Meet & greet with Tessa, one of the authors of the book "50 Days of Green Happiness".

My own favorite 'left over soup'

My recipe 'Left over soup' for 4 persons:

 half bell pepper
 half cauliflower 
 half leek
1 ribbed celery
8 carrots
1 l  water
1 bouillon cube
150 g Houmous

Cut the vegetables and cook all ingredients except the Houmous in a pan. After cooking, mix with a immersion blender. Add the Houmous. MMMMM!

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  1. Hi Hetty, sounds like an interesting cookbook! I will check if it is available in the US as well. I don't go on diets anymore, but I try to eat less meat. So it is right up my alley!
    Your vegetable soup sounds delicious, I will give this one a shot!
    I had to smile, when I read that you are growing plants from all these seeds. You are really a very passionate gardener! I love it!
    Warm regards,


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