DIY . Painting old flower pots.

A few weeks ago I saw a great idea on the inspiring Swedish blog of Hakan ( ). He had been planting blue-painted flower pots with white crocusses. I wanted to imitate that.

In spirit with my dad’s slogan "What can I find in the barn and can it be done today" I began to search for materials.

At the barn’s attic a lot of old flower pots had been waiting there for at least 30 years for me to come up with a hunch. These were perfect for this project. I also had a tester of wall paint from the series Le Noir & Blanc, Color Hampton blue, that I bought some weeks ago. So I could get started right away!

First I cleaned the pots with a brush. Then I painted them with the blue wall paint. With the amount of paint from the tester you can easily do 20 small flower pots . The job was done in a jiffy. In the evening I called Jan Deen ( to order 100 white crocusses Jeanne d’Arc.

The bulbs arrived this week. I started planting the blue painted pots with the white crocusses immediately.

For those of you who want to enjoy spring in March, now is the time to buy bulbs and to plant them.

I cannot wait ....

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On the table, old flowerpots and paint

Crocussus Jeanne d'Arc

Outside, blue painted flowerpots.


  1. These are darling! Do you mind if I steal your idea for some friends this spring? It's amazing how much cuter the pots look with just some tester paint you had laying around. Thanks for posting!

    Jenn |

  2. Dear Jennifer, you can read more about these pots on
    Have a lot of fun!


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