Snow garden. romantic rose garden
Wednesday morning, the garden is completely white. I am delighted. Snow! Some people don’t like snow, but for me it is a special gift. Zeeland knows little snowfall and in case it falls, it melts in no time. It is still a little dark outside, but I start photographing immediately!

Silence! The snow absorbs every sound. All snowdrops which are already in bloom wear a white cap. Others have completely disappeared under the snow. Snowdrops are extremely tough spring flowers. These weather conditions do not harm them. The bells hang downwards, so the pollen is protected against rain and snow. SNOWdrop. They honour their name.

There is not a sigh of wind either. Each branch has a blanket of snow. So photogenic! Then, all of a sudden the birds wake up. They fly back and forth to the bird feeder house, to catch some sunflower seeds. The robin stands out against the white background. From the kitchen window I can easily photograph him with my 300mm lens. (I'm sorry I did not clean the windows yesterday)

Suddenly the temperature rises above zero again. Drops of snow water roll down from the yew hedge like an upside-down water fountain. The whole hedge seems to cry.

In a few hours time, all snow has disappeared. This is a typical Zeeland’s snowy day!
Enjoy your week
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Snow garden
Back yard early in the morning. 
Snow drops in snow.

Snow drop in snow.

Snow drops Lady Beatrix Stanley in snow.
Galanthus Lady Beatrix Stanley in snow. 
Snow pattern
Snow pattern  

Robin in the snow
Robin in the snow 
Robin in the snow
Very cute!