Gnoom Joop writes a letter.

Dear blog readers.
I'm sorry to bother you, but I have a bit of a problem.
Recently, the siblings of the garden women visited her. Once arrived they make a lot of noise inside the house. I can even hear them in the garden!
I am not that interested in whatever they talk about, but suddenly I hear my name. They inform about me: GNOOM JOOP! The garden women immediately starts talking. She tells she gave me a scarf. Next, to my dismay, I hear that this scarf used to belong to her husband. She washed it - not her husband - too hot! At the end of the day my lovely new scarf, is just a throw out!
You would expect the interested family members to immediately run outside to see me and my shrunken scarf. None of that. I keep waiting with a straight face, but no one appears. I have already been forgotten.
I have to admit; in this time of year it is nice and warm to have a scarf around my neck. But the future worries me. Given the negligence of the garden women – she only thinks about her plants – most likely I will still be wearing that scarf during the summer months, with 35 degrees in the shade,.
Therefore, the following request to all you blog readers: If you happen to visit the garden this year, would you please check whether the garden women has removed the scarf? You can find me under the hazelnut tree.
All my hope is on you. Because one thing is certain, I cannot rely on her "interested" family members!
Gnoom Joop
They informed, but were not interested in me! 
My hazelnut tree. I can see spring is coming!
The first snowdrops in flower.


  1. Joop! Do not worry! We will make sure she removes the scarf! Perhaps you'll need some sunglasses for the summer, too?


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