Mini meadow and what you can do with one roll of lawn turf!

A mini meadow? I can hear you laughing the moment you read this. And right you are, because my mini meadow is only 40 cm in diameter!

The mini meadow is just a silly plan that crossed my mind. First I planted 50-checkered lily (Frittilaria meleagris) in a container pot. I don’t know whether checkered lily can even grow in a container, but I do not shun the occasional experiment.

Checkered lily normally grows in wet meadows. That is why, after I have placed the bulbs in the soil, some lawn turf was laid on top of it. By doing so it becomes a tiny meadow. I place the container on a garden table in order to be able to admire the beautiful drawing of the checkered lily next spring without having to bend over. Will it work? No idea.

Some lawn turf has left though. What else can I do with that?

I look at my wired basket ....... shall I cover that basket with the remaining turf? There is more than enough left. It is ready in a jiffy. I fill the basket with potting soil and plant some mini daffodils and tulips on top. I hope the grass will grow quickly through the wired basket. Next year when the flower bulbs are flowering ... that will be a real eye catcher! Again I have no idea if this will work. But I don’t care, after all, it is all-experimental!

Even then there is still some lawn turf left! Unbelievable what you can do with one roll of lawn turf. I use the remaining part to improve a bare spot in the lawn. The latter is not an experiment; the grass will certainly grow.

One roll of lawn turf. A mini meadow, a covered basket and the lawn repaired. Not bad for three and a half euros!
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Lawn turf
Beautiful pattern! 
Lawn turf
Make a mini meadow!
Lawn turf
Mini meadow. 
basket with Lawn turf
Cover a basket with lawn turf 
basket with Lawn turf
Plant some bulbs in it........ 
basket with Lawn turf
Next spring it will be an eye catcher!