In therapy with my rose.

Rosa Nuit de Young
In therapy with my rose.

The other day I watched 'Zomergasten' - summer guests - on national television. In this TV program, the guest is being interviewed live for a whole evening. Very nice slow TV. The guest of this evening is Esther Perel. She is a psychotherapist and writer.

Esther Perel talks passionately about her work as a relationship therapist. She explains: "What used to be attractive when a relationship starts, often becomes the reason for debate later on. Because what used to be attractive for its difference becomes annoying over time. Even more so as you always get a little more than you like ...... and that causes the problem". Her approach intrigues me.

Next day as I stroll through the garden and look at my rose ‘Nuit de Young’, I realize this goes not only for people, but also for plants. You are attracted to a plant because it is different, but you always get a little more ........

That is why I went into therapy with my rose Nuit de Young.

“What makes him attractive?”
Historic rose
Soft hairy buds, he is a moss rose
Beautiful dark red colour
Thrives even in my dry border.

"But you always get a bit more than you want and then it becomes a problem"

Here is the problem with ‘Nuit de Young’. His roots have crawled through the entire border. He creeps through the plants, through the pavement and even through the lawn to explore the adjacent border. There is no balance in our relationship anymore!

I was in relationship therapy with my rose ... he did not say much ....

‘Nuit de Young’ and I have definitively separated.
Rosa Nuit de Young
Rosa 'Nuit de Young' before flowering. 
Rosa Nuit de Young
Rosa 'Nuit de Young' in full flower. 
romantic rose garden
This is the space Rosa 'Nuit de Young' needed. 
Rosa Nuit de Young
Rosa 'Nuit de Young' on the pavement.


  1. My goodness, Hetty, that was a lot of work! But, do you think you might see a bit more of Nuit de Young in the future? What are your plans for filling that new-found space?

    1. I am looking for new inspiration in the garden centre!

  2. That's a beautiful rose. Such a bring dark red colour. I've never seen it in my region.

  3. Your rose is indeed so beautiful, and even those plants in your garden. Thanks for visiting my post.


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